Spam Free September means one thing... a free can of Spam!

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24/7 online quarantine access

Ensuring that you can always review mail that has been marked as spam and 1 click mail release.

Smart, algorhythm based system which is constantly adjusting to ensure accuracy

Domain-wide blacklist/whitelist functionality

Personalised support service

Optional daily report and we will provide support for any spam related issues.

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You will receive a free can of Spam if you invest in ITC's SpamBlock Service this September.

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OR a free box of chocolates if you can't stand any spam in your life

If you are sick and tired of wasting your morning trawling through spam and junk emails then we can help! ITC's SpamBlock Service is designed with you in mind and has many features that take the hassle out of sorting spam. If you would like more information or to say goodbye to spam and hello to a can of spam (or a box of chocolates) contact Charli today. You can contact Charli by clicking on the big yellow button above or by calling 023 8024 9820.

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