Don't lose your data!

Thinking about upgrading the machines in your office? To help you move on we are offering you a fantastic deal on preserving and migrating your data.

How do I get this offer?

Buy a new pc

Not sure what will machine to buy? We will find you a computer that suits your every need.

Ready to use guarantee

The price of our machines includes initial operating system provisioning, updates, security configuration, and removal of pre-installed applications where appropriate. This means that your machine is ready to use!

Transfer all your files


When you order a new PC from us before 20th November we will migrate your data for a fixed price of £100 +VAT. Data migration is usually done at an hourly rate of £100 +VAT and commonly takes over 2 hours so this is a fantastic saving. We will also dispose of your old hard drive and machine with a safe disposal gaurantee so your files will never get into the wrong hands.

We will use our resources to ensure that all of your data is migrated from your old machine to your new one this includes documents, pictures and music. Once we are confident that we have migrated all of your date we will then dispose of your old hard drive using our safe and environmentally friendly service.

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